REVIEWS: Kyoto Nightlife and Local Bar Scene Tour



  • Abiyan Ardan Arfani



    One of the authentic tour I’ve ever been to

    There was no English menu at the tour, which is actually great! You know that the best local restaurants or bars are most likely will not have any English translation in their menu. the best thing is that we were explained by the lovely tour guide about all the information that we need and want to know! Our tour guide treats us very friendly and perfect. She is organized, and very punctual. The tour program was scheduled well, was on time. We didn't miss anything during the tour program. We felt we knew her for a long time hahaha. I would love to have more of the similar type of tour experience if I were to travel somewhere else (non-English speaking countries)! See moreSee less

  • Miki Hanamura



    Best part is to be able to see hidden gems in Kyoto

    I enjoyed this tour a lot, and I totally recommend everyone to try this to experience real local izakayas (restaurants) and bars! The best part is to be able to see hidden gems in Kyoto, and usually, those places are pretty small so you can enjoy interacting with the owner and other guests as well. Plus our guide Tamaki is Japanese and English bilingual, and such a sweet person! See moreSee less

  • Elisa Ovalles


    I recommend this to anyone who visits Kyoto for a short time, a good plan to do at night.

    I can say I the first time I visit this places because they're not easy to find. Yet, I think it compared to the most common tour experiences, this one stands out. It was very fun to see how the "old Kyoto" looks like, in the traditional Izayaka where we were able to sit in tatami. Also, later on, the bar was very unique as well, and a contrast, because it represented the recent trends in Kyoto, which are small, cozy places but full of personality. The tour guide was amazing, she knew how to keep the conversation alive and also she has very good food recommendations and can translate the only-Japanese menu. I recommend this to anyone who visits Kyoto for a short time, a good plan to do at night. See moreSee less

  • BeomKyu C




    The tour begins with a greet from the tour guide(real bright person) then off we went to our locations. The first place was in the street of Pontocho where the lights were laid down like Festivals. From the stylish street, we walked into a smaller path where it was pretty hidden from the main street. To give a perspective, I lived in Japan for 7 years and I have not known that there was a place in the path. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO IMPRESS FRIEND OR LOVER. The izakaya bar was very Japanese with wooden structures and art. The guide kindly explained to us about any question we had about the place or the food. Nothing better than a cool fresh beer with fries and side dish. I was really glad to take my friends there. They were looking for something Japanese and really chill atmosphere. All of them were satisfied including myself. See moreSee less

  • Yasmin Villarino


    A highlight of our trip!

    My partner and family really enjoyed this food and drink tour around Kyoto! We were in Japan for over two weeks, and this was the top culinary highlight of the entire trip. Our guide showed us places we'd never find by ourselves, and ordered us delicious food, taking into account our dietary limitations. See moreSee less

  • Carroll Nicholas

    United States


    Amazing Experience.

    We had an amazing experience with Honoka. She was super easy to communicate with to meet up and was an absolute blast on the tour. Super informative and made you feel extremely comfortable the whole time- it was like hanging out with a friend. This tour gets you to some awesome local spots you would never be able to find, get into, or no how to order at without them. 5 star experience and highly recommend. See moreSee less