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Strawberry Jam Classroom with Yuko Yaguchi



Make 100% Natural Homemade Strawberry Jam with Freshly-Picked Strawberries, and Lunch Straight from the Fields #ft1000063

  • Harvest fresh strawberries from the fields and cook delicious home-made jam!
  • Totally safe for children! All our fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides
  • The experience is at a 75-year old farm where Mr. Murdell, the famous Dutch engineer, once lived
  • 6 hour total

  • English

  • Any Age

  • 2 〜 8



Hello! I’m Yuko Yaguchi, mother-of-three, and the eldest of three sisters here at our family’s Canal Farm in beautiful Chiba Prefecture, near the Meiji-era historical town of Nagareyama-Honcho. The name of our farm pays homage to Dutch engineer Mr. Murdell, who worked in helping to “tame” our beautiful Tone River by creating the Tone Canal— it’s a fascinating and important part of Japanese history! I started the Strawberry Jam Experience as an opportunity for people to come and learn all-natural cooking, and to feel like they can get back to the land sometimes, and reconnect as humans, on a fundamental level, with nature. Because I have three young children, I’ve become increasingly aware of how detrimental the highly-processed foods we take for granted in modern times can be. I focus on feeding my family (and helping others to do the same) with freshly-grown, all-natural foods that support health and well-being, but which also taste wonderful. They’re fun to prepare, and fun to eat. I hope in this way that people who work hard in the cities and towns can take with them a little “easy expertise” in making nutritious meals — so that when they’re tired, they can enjoy making something fresh and nutritious, rather than just grabbing the nearest junk food. Surely that will make life more enjoyable for everyone, don’t you think?

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Getting back to nature couldn’t be sweeter — learn to make all-natural, fresh-from-the-fields strawberry jam with perfectly sweet, ripe Spring strawberries. It’s like a glowing red jewel in the jar! Your experience starts by meeting your interpreter and going out into the fields to pick what you’d like to eat for lunch. You’ll return to the farmhouse and make delicious, additive-free strawberry jam, a distillation of sweetness and sunshine in every jar. As the jam sets, you’ll be learning to make simple and delectable meals from the ingredients you picked yourself earlier in the day. Soups, salads, maybe even some veggie pizzas will keep you feeling happy and well-nourished as you chow down on 100% natural goodness in the lovely company of your host, Yuko Yaguchi. Relax into the warm atmosphere of country life and good company, and take away a delicious jar of it to savour at home. Let the calm and simple pleasure of this experience seep down into your life and cooking habits, and bring a little bit of that back-to-the-land feeling into your own daily life, and your world, wherever you are!

  • Meet your interpreter and head to the farm together

  • Pick what you want to eat from the farm

  • Time to make strawberry jam!

  • Make a pizza using the fresh vegetables.

  • Have a great meat with your Japanese host.

  • Take a souvenir home too!


  • Duration


  • Access

  • Participants Guests

    2 〜 8

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met.

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    Not Available on Rainy Days

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    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 23:00, 5 days prior to your reserved date.


  • Adults(12+)


  • Children(4~11)


  • Infants(~3)


Included in the Price

Interpreter Experience Insurance


  • Things to bring

    Hat Suncream Drinks Gloves

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    Please note that your reservation with us may be canceled due to inclement weather conditions or heavy rain. If so, we will contact you at least one hour prior to your reservation via your original booking site.


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