A Day with a Soba-Master in Tokyo

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Learn how to do one the oldest Japanese traditional food with a master


  • Summary - Work with a famous chef, as seen on TV in the U.S. and Japan - Learn the chef's secret recipes first-hand via an exclusive class in his home-kitchen - Take home any tips you learn and impress your friends at home!

    Discover the ancient techniques of Soba-making with a Master of its purest tradition. Not only will you learn all there is to know about this culinary art and it's history, you will also have the opportunity to eat and compare your noodles to his in a very unfair contest. But not only is he a Master in Soba, he is also kind of a local celebrity, known for his history, and his jokes by local and national TVs and even the famous YouTubers, Simon and Martina from abroad (Search for "Soba")! By eating Soba, one of the healthiest food on earth, the host is planning on living up to a hundred years old!
  • Category Cooking
  • Area Tokyo
  • Age range Any Age
  • Experience Time 4.5 hours; 9:30 - 14:00
  • Availability 03/23/2017 - 12/31/2017
  • Maximum number of participants 8
  • Minimum number of participants 2 Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met.
    Accompanied infants participate for free.
  • Weather Restrictions Available Rain or Shine
  • Price ¥12,100 (adults)
    ¥6,050 (children)
    Free (infants)
  • A message from the host I want the whole world to learn more about the Japanese Buckwheat noodle! It's delicious, and healthy and has more history than almost anything in Japan. I've been doing workshop for TV in Japan and some workshops outside Japan too. I go sometimes to America to teach it to cooking schools but I really want every body to know what is supposed to be the real Soba noodles.

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Masao ITO

  Hi everyone, I am Ito from the soba making experience. Why I want to open a soba-noodle workshop is because of my daughter. Many years ago, I saw my daughter’s boss opening his own soba classroom after retirement. If he can, why can’t I? As my daughter has moved to the US, we had held many soba making workshops in the community center of San Francisco. I was once thinking about open a soba restaurant in San Francisco. However, the rental fee was too expensive. Now, there are many foreign tourists and the exchange students who are interested in Japanese food culture in our workshop now. If you are a person who is also interested in Japanese food culture, we are always here waiting for you to join!

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Chris Silva

Chris Silva

It was mind opening cultural experience. I enjoyed every step of making Soba and had a great time sharing cultural differences between Japan and Sri Lanka. After all we shared similar practices but Japan does it better. The overall experience I gained is a must to have for any foreigner who are interested in Historical and cultural aspect of Japan. Not forgetting the entertaining Host and the amicable and humorous translator made our experience like no other. I highly recommend Soba making experience for every foreigner and also not forgetting the health benefit of eating Soba. Please Eat Soba and you will be looking younger each day.



These activities are really helping foreigner, for example, tourists, students who now studying in Japan, or even local people to know well about Japanese culture. And this type of tour is totally different from the typical/traditional Amazing way to experience local Japanese culture and lifestyle. Instead of just visiting famous tourist spots, this tour is focus more on the root of Japanese culture and dig into more aspects deeply. The tour offers very nice experience, and you can also meet new friends from all over the world to explore this country with you. travelgroup. It offers a new option for people. So I think it's a positive points.

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