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Let Your Fingers Dance! Scarf and Sandal Weaving




Learn traditional split-shag hand-looming, finger-weaving, cloth sandal making and more in this fantastic workshop! #cc1000066

  • Craft, DIY, and create custom textile goods using authentic Japanese techniques.
  • With two only hours and a handful of ribbons, you can make sandals, belts, scarves or anything you like.
  • Work with a famous finger-weaving expert, whose easy-to-follow methods have been covered in more than 10 published books!
  • 2 hour total

  • English

  • Age 6+

  • 2 〜 4



Hi there! My name is Minowa Naoko, and I have been involved in all aspects of handmade cloth-weaving and handicrafts — from weaving and crafting to natural plant dyeing — from an early age. I’m the chairman of the Japan Textiles Society, and of the “Studio A Week” hand-weaving and natural dyeing experiences in Gotanda. My mission is to encourage people in an easy-to-grasp and fun way, to discover their creativity and joy in making beautiful handmade textiles and gifts. I had my first encounter with weaving when I was still in junior high. It was part of a theatrical production put on at the local university, and I got my first look at how the shuttle loom really works. The swish-clack, swish-clack left me entranced, just the sound of it, and the fact that such a light and simple act enabled me to make real cloth… well, that was the start of a lifelong passion for me. I feel encouraged by the number of people in their 20’s and 30’s now taking an interest in textile handicrafts. We’re also planning a belt-weaving experience (belts, dog leads), for the near future.

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Choose from a series of weekday courses on offer (or take them all, if you have time). Learn hand-looming or finger weaving, and use the textiles you create to make surprisingly professional-looking seasonal gifts — cloth sandals, mufflers, winter scarves, belts, camera straps and more. Anyone from the age of 10 upwards can enjoy learning how to create truly stunning handmade textiles and handicrafts in these 3-hour studio sessions (which include about an hour for tea and chatting), in groups of 1-4 people. A relaxing and fun experience that will not only give you pleasant memories, but also life-skills to create beautiful and useful items as well as unique and meaningful gifts, for a lifetime!

  • Learn the art of finger weaving.

    Choose your favorite color and the host will teach you how to do finger weaving or hand-looming.

  • Make a handmade scarf to keep warm.

    You can weave your own unique pattern.

  • Too hot? Make sandals instead!

    Everyone will be impressed to see your hand crafted footwear.

  • Chat and photo time!

    After you have finished your item the host will prepare tea for you. Enjoy a chat with your host before heading home.


  • Duration


  • Access

  • Participants Guests

    2 〜 4

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

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  • Conditions

    Available on Clear or Lightly Rainy Days

  • Cancellation Policy

    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 17:00, 3 days prior to your reserved date.


  • Adults(12+)


  • Children(4~11)


  • Infants(~3)


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Interpreter Lesson Materials Insurance


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    Sundra Wang

    Everything is smooth. Host is really per factional. It was very fun. Things we made is very useful.See moreSee less

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    Marie Caron

    It was an amazing experience! I had a great time, the host was lovely, very friendly. We had the choice to weave either sandals, a scarf or a belt. We could bring home what we made, which makes a really nice souvenir. I would definitely do it again!See moreSee less

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Children: ¥6,660 Infants: Free

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