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Samurai Sword Dancing Demonstration and Lecture



With Swords And Fans We Chant Our Song! #cc1000084

  • Step into the beauty of Japanese culture from within the city and just steps from Tokyo Tower!
  • Shadow the famous dancer Master Arai, a third-generation head of the traditional dance school, who’s performed on stage since the age of three.
  • Skip to a rarer kind of historic dance routine, including warrior dances and other Japanese styles
  • 1.5 hour total

  • English

  • Age Any

  • 2 〜 20


Ryuou ARAI

My name is Arai Ryuou, and I am the third-generation successor of a sword and poetry dance (“Kenshibu”) and chanting (“Gin-ei”) school founded by my grandmother. I’ve been performing since I was two years old, and had my first public stage performance when I was three. Now that I am also an instructor, I seek to engage people in this beautiful tradition, and I present performances with a running commentary (a kind of lecture demonstration) on the significance of the movements, the costumes and objects used, and the incantations that I am performing.

It’s not just a novelty sightseeing performance, which could easily mystify Japanese and foreign visitors alike, but a complete, historically informed experience of samurai culture, with real understanding of the movements and manners that inform it. It gives me great satisfaction to develop the arts established by the samurai, and to keep the poetry of truly great men alive by expanding their influence into the realm of modern entertainment, while still honouring the traditional forms and ideas.

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Understand and appreciate traditional Samurai sword-and-fan dancing, poetry, and song in this unique temple experience in Mita, Tokyo! If you want to really understand traditional Japanese culture and philosophy through living performance art, this is the perfect experience. Far from just a demonstration for tourists, Master Arai Ryuou will explain the significance and the history of the art form, the movements and the poetry, as he skillfully performs for you (He speaks Japanese and English). This experience is open to interested people of all ages, and lasts for an hour to 90 minutes. You will be sitting on cushions as you participate in the demonstration, so please take young children’s needs into account if you would like to bring them along — they are very welcome, but they’ll need to stay still for a fairly long time! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain a depth of insight into this fascinating living art form: not only will you feel intensely moved by the performance, you will also come away with a richly informed appreciation of Japan’s history, mind, and culture.


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    2 〜 20

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

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Children: ¥10,000 Infants: Free

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