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Japanese Home Cooking - From Soup to Sweets, and Everything in Between




Learn Delicious, All-Natural Japanese Cooking from Scratch at Megumi Sato’s Cooking Classroom #co1000085

  • Taste and learn how to create simply delicious meals that are typical to Japanese homes.
  • Learn lots of useful cooking tips, and how to recreate the recipes in your home country.
  • Your teacher is a professional cooking instructor whose recipes have appeared in magazines across Japan!
  • 4 hour total

  • English

  • Age 6+

  • 3 〜 5


Megumi SATO

Hello, my name is Megumi Sato. My father is a wonderful cook, and from a very young age, I found myself delighted by the taste of the different ingredients he was so skilfully able to combine. My lifelong love and study of cooking (and eating) started with this joy. Cooking and eating good food really does make people happy, but I think a lot of people have got the idea that cooking is difficult, but you know, once you learn a few key tricks, you can even make wonderful desserts and sweets at home. I studied as a dietician at Hattori Nutrition College, and I’ve worked in the confectionery field and as an assistant at a vocational culinary school for many years. For the past 30 years, I’ve also helped the Tokyo YWCA by cooking fresh, traditional meals in the kitchen of the log cabin during their camping trips to Nojiri Lake in Nagano Prefecture. It’s very enjoyable to go out to the local farms, talk with the farmers and gather fresh ingredients for meals. The entire process of food preparation, from sowing the seeds and preparing the ingredients from “first principles” into delicious, natural and nutritious meals, to cooking and serving them in my own handmade dishes is very important to me. So, when I’m not camping with the YWCA, I’m always running one cooking experience or another from my Sangenjaya hideout in Tokyo. In my classes, we never use chemicals or pre-made, store-bought ingredients — everything is prepared from scratch. I want people to come away with a connection to their food, and the deeply joyful realisation that, “Surprise! Cooking is easy and fun!”

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Do you love traditional Japanese food, but feel that it’s too difficult a cuisine to learn? Have you got the idea that you need special ingredients and years of study just to make something authentically delicious? Megumi Sato is waiting to teach you that cooking is easy and fun — with a few important tricks, you will learn how to prepare a gorgeous, full-course Japanese meal from all-natural ingredients in the comfort of your own home. Megumi’s menu changes seasonally (she also takes requests), so no matter what you make you will be using the most delicious seasonal ingredients! From beautiful pressed sushi and juicy chicken cutlets with Japanese-style tartar sauce (made from scratch), to rainbow-colored rice salad and scrumptious homemade dessert, there will be something for every palette. After the cooking is done, enjoy learning how to serve your yummy handmade food in exquisite handmade serving dishes, for a traditional meal experience. With the tricks you’ll learn, you will be able to cook these, and many more wonderful Japanese dishes at home, and also apply your new knowledge to your own dishes too, much to the delight of your family and friends. Food is one of the things that connects us all — let’s make it fun!

  • Arrive at the host's cosy house and put on an apron!

  • First you'll make "tamagoyaki", a sweet Japanese omelette.

  • Use your tamagoyaki and other fresh ingredients to make "futomaki" sushi rolls.

  • The host and interpreter will guide you in rolling sushi like a pro!

  • Learn how to make Japanese style fried chicken.

  • You will also love her dish collections.



  • Duration


  • Access

    Sangenjaya Station

  • Participants Guests

    3 〜 5

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

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  • Conditions

    Available on Clear or Lightly Rainy Days

  • Cancellation Policy

    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 17:00, 3 days prior to your reserved date.


  • Adults(12+)


  • Children(4~11)


  • Infants(~3)


Included in the Price

4 dishes (Appetizer, main dish, salad and desert) Interpreter Experience Insurance


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    Dan Tsukasa

    The tour was fun and enjoyable, the hose was friendly and displayed a clear passion for cooking. Although the host spoke no English, she gave demonstrations at each step to make sure that we understood the task at hand. The kitchen was small but cozy, feeling more like a home than a 'tour' per se, which helped to create a more relaxing mood, especially for those of us who are a little risk averse when it comes to cooking in front of others.See moreSee less

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    I am not confident in the kitchen at all but I love Japanese food and wanted to learn some home cooking basics, so decided to try this tour. We started out meeting our Tomo/interpreter, Yui, at a nearby station and then walking to the host's house. It wasn't very far and was a good chance to get to know Yui. Once we arrived we met the host, Megumi, who welcomed us into her cosy and homey cooking studio. I had no idea but she is actually a very accomplished cook who has her own book and recipes published in magazines! After some brief introductions it was right on to the cooking. Megumi guided us in making tamagoyaki (sweet egg omelette), futomaki (sushi roll), karaage and a cold shabu-shabu salad with homemade sesame sauce. She really is a fantastic teacher (and very patient with a novice like me) and had lots of great cooking tips. Also, because Megumi has travelled overseas quite a bit, she understands what kinds of ingredients aren't easily available and can suggest alternatives. I found this really helpful because it means I can easily replicate the recipes back home in Australia. When all the cooking was done, we enjoyed the meal together with the Tomo and host while chatting about our favourite foods. We also enjoyed looking at Megumi's collection of dishes, glasses, and chopstick holders. She is a very creative person and the whole room is full of her handmade pottery and art by her friends. I think this tour is perfect for people who want to learn basic home-style cooking in a relaxed environment. That said, Megumi has a huge repertoire and said she takes requests so if you book early enough you can probably ask to try something more complicated. I think the menu changes depending on the season too. I would love to take this tour again and learn even more Japanese dishes! :)See moreSee less

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Children: ¥9,000 Infants: Free

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