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Miso Soup Five Ways



Learn to Make Japanese Miso Soup in Several Styles #co1000129

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My name is Mutsuko Nakahata, and my passion is clean living. Of course, this includes healthy eating, but clean living is certainly not limited just to healthy eating. “Better living day-by-day” is an important concept to me, and something I try and implement in my own life. One of my greatest interests is hearing about the lifestyles of other people so I can identify ways to improve my own life. That being said, healthy eating is an area in which most people can improve, and in doing so they can easily improve their lives as well, which is why my experience focuses on showing my guests the beauties of Japanese foods. Miso soup, a well-known Japanese dish, may seem simple (just add some miso and veggies to water, right?), but in reality the flavour is dramatically changed by the selection, and even the origin, of the ingredients used. Let’s learn to make miso soup, and learn how we can make our lives better and healthier together!

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Highlights: ・Your Host will Show You “Better Living Day-By-Day” Through Healthy Eating With High-Quality Ingredients ・Experience the Variations of Japan’s Well Known “Miso Soup”, You Won’t Believe How Different it Can Be! Miso soup is an interesting dish: it is quite easy to make, and yet, or maybe because it is so easy to make, there are infinite variations of the dish. This experience will focus on the creation of miso soup in a variety of styles, such as Kanto (Tokyo area) style, Kanazawa (Ishikawa prefecture) style, Morioka (Iwate prefecture) style, Amakusa (Kumamoto prefecture) style, and Chizu (Tottori prefecture) style. You will cook up delicious soup using various healthy ingredients such as “wakame” (Seaweed), tofu, daikon (Japanese radish), clams, and miso (a soybean paste), which will be served in gorgeous vessels made from traditional materials, such as lacquerware or cedar. While the making will be fun, participants will also surely enjoy tasting their creations as they go. == Book Now For Limited Time Beta Special == This experience is currently in Beta! Available for a limited time only, you can be the first to try this activity at a super discounted price. You will also receive free photos by a professional photographer of you enjoying the experience! (Photos will also be used for promotional purposes.) After your tour has ended, we'll ask you to evaluate the experience and help us review the parts that could be made even better. Ready to try it? Select an available date to book instantly! == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==


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