Koutarou HAMADA

Kyoto My name is Koutarou Hamada. My record is more than 100 shrine tours in a year. I have traveled to New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Hawaii, and the UK. To me, though, nothing can compare to the mysteries of the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. As an expert tour guide with 10 years of experience, my tours include the perfect balance of ancient wisdom and present day wit. I love shrines, especially the Fushimi-Inari Shrines from which all Japanese religion originates. You can truly know Japan by understanding Fushimi-Inari shrines. Fushimi-Inari shrines are overflowing with secrets unknown even to Japanese people. When I do a tour, I try to bring a little laughter and variety into my tours with stories and jokes.

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