Tokyo This tour is led by two spirited ladies. We may come from different backgrounds but we share a common bond in our passion for kimono. First, I am Yui Michael. I have worked professionally as a kimono artist for eight years, so I possess an in-depth knowledge of the proper way to wear a kimono. I am eager to share this knowledge with you, and hope to show you how you can freshen up your look easily by donning "casual" kimono in your daily life. Guided by the same desire to spread the appeal of kimono, I, Junko Suzuki, found a natural ally in Yui. I wanted to enrich my soul, so I not only moved house to Shitamachi, but I also found work there in 2014. I just love soaking up the atmospheric vibes evoked by this old part of Tokyo and was inspired to marry my two great interests - fashion and old Japan - together, and thus our tour was born. With our combined expertise, we promise to let you feel attractive and authentically Japanese in a way that other tours cannot offer!

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