Tokyo You can say that I am a fan of all things Japanese. I gravitate towards traditional Japanese arts. Kabuki, bunraku, rakugo - you name it, I love it. In particular, I am passionate about kabuki. My lifelong fascination with this art form began when my parents brought me to watch kabuki shows from a young age. I was in awe at how kabuki, with its colorful characters and larger-than-life storylines, captured the essence of 400 years of rich Japanese tradition. And I have not looked back since. Presently, I am a prolific writer who specializes in kabuki. Not only have my writings appeared in magazines like FRaU and on the hugely popular daily living website All About, but they have even been broadcast on the radio. Not one to rest on my laurels, I also give lectures on how parents can enjoy kabuki with their children. Join me on this tour and enrich your mind with intriguing insights on kabuki!

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