Kyoto My name is Koji Kawabata, but because of my deep and unyielding love for the Kanteiryu school of calligraphy, I prefer to go by Kanteiryu Zarefude instead. Although I learned calligraphy from a young age, I actually stopped honing my craft during high school and college. But I guess you can say that calligraphy's in my blood because when I was searching for meaning in my life, I stumbled upon Kanteiryu - and was mesmerized by its aesthetically pleasing and artistic style. Thus, I excitedly took up Kanteiryu classes. My charismatic teacher guided us to practise Kanteiryu with an open mind so that we could learn better by observing him critically. His nurturing teaching style really enhanced my passion for Kanteiryu calligraphy. Since then, I have continued to practice Kanteiryu calligraphy, now entering my tenth years. I just love how the characters look like exquisite paintings and bring to mind the elaborate art form of kabuki. Hence, what better way to express the emotions evoked by kabuki than Kanteiryu calligraphy!

Experiences of Kouji KAWABATA

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