Toshihiko OKAMOTO

Tokyo Mountain climbing is, by far, my favorite thing in the world to do — I’ve felt this way for years. My name is Toshihiko Okamoto, and I’m a forest conservationist, and a photographer. In fact, it was through nature photography that I first found wonder in the world around me — what does the shape of a flower signify? Why do the trees take the forms that they do? Why does Mount Takao have so many big trees? What are the birds saying? The reasons that can be discovered behind the forms and sounds in the nature that surround us will astound you! Many people feel a longing to reconnect with our beautiful natural world, and I think for this reason, Mt. Takao, with its famous giant trees and incredibly varied array of plants and wildlife, has become a popular (and accessible) destination for many. I like to take small groups with me into the lesser-known parts of the mountain, where we can really get to know the life that is teeming all around us. I hope that my guests will feel amazed, energised, refreshed, and maybe even a little humbled by our participation in this living landscape, and come away with new understanding and appreciation for our delicate green world.

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