Tokyo Hi there! My name is Sachiko Yamamuro. One thing you should know about me is that I am an avid fan of Hawaii and its fascinating culture, including the Hula dance. That's why I lovingly create handmade artisanal items inspired by Aloha culture and sell them during events. I hope to instill greater awareness of its beauty in the people who see my goods, and I would be honored if you find a deeper appreciation of Aloha culture through my work! As a craftswoman ever eager to hone her craft, I can relate to the frustrations of people who are keen to make their own things but just can't seem to use their hands adeptly. Fret not: Besides making handmade items, I also conduct a workshop that is aimed to help such people overcome their reservations and create their own products in a fun-filled way. I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at your own ingenuity and dexterity after you attend my workshop - one that allows you to make a gamakuchi purse (Japanese coin pouch) without any sewing! I will be doing this experience as a * Coko Works * certified lecturer.

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