Kanagawa My name is Kiyoko Tsuyuki, and I live here in Yugawara on my family’s farm. Our Mandarin orange groves are quite low down on the mountainous slopes, so they are the sweetest! We grow everything organically, without the use of pesticides, and turn them into delicious marmalade, free of preservatives, thickeners or unnatural additives. I’m very proud to say that my own recipe has won the prize of excellence three years in a row now, competing with over 200 others! I’d love to show you how to make it, and to introduce you to our wonderful town. It’s such a lovely place, I want to invite people to come and experience a little of our home life, and maybe feel like they, too, are visiting their grandmothers! I hope that it will help people to feel happy and nostalgic for this simple, healthy way of living. Maybe you, too, will develop a deep fondness for this place: the kind, reliable people, and the beautiful surroundings — I sincerely hope so.

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