Tokyo Hello, my name is Yoshiko Tsuchiya! People often ask me what sparked off my passion for herbs. Well, as a homemaker, I first started using herbs in my cooking as I wanted my family to benefit from tasty and wholesome meals. My experimentation worked wonders and so, fired me up to find out everything about herbs. I then acquired enough expertise to establish "HERB STORY", a school that specializes in classes on how to incorporate herbs and spices into one's cooking. It is my pride and joy. After all, I did spend ten years building up its brand name! Besides herbs, I am also passionate about English-style confectionery. I have visited the United Kingdom numerous times; I am just so in awe of her fascinating, proud history. Fortunately, I was able to take my love for the UK to the next level and learn how to make English-style confectionery there. A brainwave then struck me: why don’t I open up a cafe that synergize the best of herbs and English-style confectionery? By doing so, I could not only offer something unique to discerning customers, but also create awareness of the appeal of herbs and English-style confectionery. I look forward to hosting you at my workshops and sharing my love of sweets and herbs!

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