Mariko UGA

Osaka Hello, my name is Mariko Uga. I would like to invite you to come to my retro-style, Japanese house. Uzumakiko's classic style house, Tsubame Classroom, is a house that has been standing for 80 years now. Please come inside and see what an olden-style Japanese house looks like. Here, you can also learn how to make sushi. From a number of designs, choose one and make a sushi roll with your own original design and enjoy! During this season, with Halloween approaching, you can make a sushi roll with a pumpkin and ghost design. Please come and visit our house to have a fun, cute and delicious time! As we are conveniently located near Kansai International Airport, you will easily be able to stop by our place to make sushi before you go back home or depart for your next destination.

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