Yasuyuki ITEYA

Osaka Hello, my name is Yasuyuki Iteya. My house has been around since the late Edo Period. We have been working as farmers, and currently I am the 10 th generation farmer in my family. We are located in the Izumi region which is the southern area of Osaka Prefecture, and this area is regarded as the birthplace of onions in Japan. Among Japanese onions, the 'Shichi Hayao No. 7' onion is extremely sweet, it is also juicy and succulent. You may eat it raw, but when it is roasted over fire its sweetness greatly increases. The Matsunami-Cabbage is sweet to the core, it is also very soft and can be used with any dish. I would like to invite you to come to my farm and experience working at a farm. If you will help me to plant vegetables, I will present 5kg of very high-quality onions to you! Please come and visit my farm.

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