Kajino Tatami Shoten

Osaka Hello, we are a Tatami Mat shop. The Kajino Tatami Shop has been around since the 8th year of the Taisho era (1919). The Tatami Mat has always been a very important part of Japanese life and culture. Nowadays, our life-style has become more westernized, but for Japanese people the Tatami scent, and feel is something that provides some peace, calmness, and healing. As a part of your tour of Japan, we would like to share with you the Tatami experience. At our Tatami craft workshop experience, learn how to make your very own, one and only, mini-Tatami Mat. Guests from different countries who took part in our workshop have greatly enjoyed their experience with us. Whether you are traveling around Japan from another country or already live in Japan, please come and join our workshop and experience the joy of making your very own Tatami Mat.

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