Kanagawa Hi, I am Yui. I started learning Kobudo, ancient Japanese martial arts while I was an actress and became well versed in this martial art. After being in several movies, TV, and plays, I was able to learn under the grand master Hiroyuki Yashiro, who is also a film producer, and established "Kobudo Musubi". I seek to spread “Bushido spirit” to the world through the experiences offered here. Our style of Bushido is focused on using real katana to gain a better control of your mind and body. I conduct many lectures to visitors and foreign residents who live in Japan. I have also been in many videos, plays, and magazines. Learning and practicing Japanese martial arts seems difficult, but by joining my private lesson, you will be able to accomplish its basics in 3 hours. Enjoy using your mind and body to learn the ways of Bushido.

Experiences of Yui TAKAHASHI