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Bike Tour of old castles tracing Samurai’s dream



Azuchi Castle Ruins – Nobunaga’s dream, a hero of the battle age #na1000050

  • 3 hour total

  • English

  • Age 7+

  • 4 〜 10



Male, born in 1952, 65 years old. Graduated from Tokyo Univ. and have 30 years business career in financial institutions and 10 years in automobile industries. Now I love guiding foreign visitors, especially to the historical places very much.

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Visiting to abandoned or remains of old castles of the Japan battle age using a rental bike, tracing the old Samurai’s dream to the top of Japan. The Azuchi castle was built by Nobunaga Oda who once had a superior power in the feudal loads and battle age of Japan about 500 years ago, 16th century. Its castle tower was the first one in Japanese castle history and very gorgeous. Unfortunately the castle was destroyed but even now we can feel historical dynamism and the ambition of the top of Samurai warriors from the ruins

  • 【Azuchi station】Let's start !

    9:00/13:00 Start at Azuchi station. The host will wait for the guests at the exit gate of the station.

  • 【Azuchi Town Castle Museum】

    9:10-9:30/13:10-13:30 As a guidance of the castle we will look around this museum and watch the replica of the castle tower.

  • 【Azuchi castle】biking ♪

    9:30-9:40/13:30-13:40 Move to the Aduchi castle, by rental bike. If you have big baggage, additional deposit fee will be required.

  • Walk around the castle (ruins)

    9:40-10:40/13:40-14:40 About 60 minutes. If it is too hard to walk up stone steps or uphill of the castle, you can also stroll around the ground level.

  • 【optional tour】Prefectural Archeology Museum and Nobunaga’s Mansion.

    【optional tour】10:50-11:40/14:50-15:40 Prefectural Archeology Museum and Nobunaga’s Mansion. Admission fee JPY900/person. (Will be charged on customer there) About 50 minutes’ looking around.

  • 【Azuchi station】

    11:40-12:00/15:40-16:00 Return to the Azuchi station About 20 minutes by bike


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    4 〜 10

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

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    Available on Clear or Lightly Rainy Days

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    Comfortable outfit *Exclusion* Round trip train ticket

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