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Step Back in Time to a Summertime Kyoto Village



Wear Yukata, Eat Delicious Food, Take Photos, and Experience Kyoto’s delightful historic village #na1000106

  • Visit Miyama, one of Japan’s most important historical heritage areas, with carefully preserved traditional buildings
  • Get dressed in yukata with assistance from your host, a qualified kimono consultant
  • Enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch at your host’s restaurant, which is housed in her grandmother’s beautiful 150-year-old private home!
  • 6 hour total

  • English

  • Any Age

  • 2 〜 5



Hi! My name is Rie Morioka, and I want to share my love of yukata, one of Japan’s traditional national dresses, with you! I think touring my beautiful village while wearing an (equally) beautiful yukata has to be one of the nicest, most fun ways to experience a place. Many people never get the chance to experience the pleasure of wearing a yukata, so I developed an experience to promote what I call the “fun of wearing kimono”. I also have a passion for delicious, healthy food, and I run a café in my grandmother’s private house, so naturally, I also want our guests to eat well. I enjoy preparing tasty meals that are also good for your body that sustain my guests on their tour. Many tourists visit Japan’s historical villages, and see them from the outside, but my aim is to help my guests get closer to the real feeling that we have living in such a beautiful, historically important place. I hope that they can feel that they are taking part in the living heritage that informs our lives here. By making my tours fun, authentic, and memorable, I hope my guests will come away with a deeper understanding of Japan and Japanese traditions, and of course have very fond, precious memories to look back on, too!

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Submerse yourself in the beautiful traditions of historic Japan in this unique Miyama experience! Thirty kilometres (19 miles) north of Central Kyoto, the remote rural area of Miyama is famous for its traditional thatched farmhouses. What sets it apart from other historic villages in Japan is how many people still live and work in this region, so the taste of rural life you will experience is totally authentic! How better to augment your experience of this charming atmosphere than to dress up in yukata, eat nutritious, freshly prepared food, and tour the quaint, historic living village of Kayabaki no Sato? Your host, Rie Morioka, lives and runs Café Furuya from her grandmother’s 150-year-old farmhouse. An accomplished chef, as well as a certified yukata consultant, Rie will take you on a journey into a time-cherished tradition that you will never forget! Exquisite yukata, attractive make-up, and professional photos to remember your exciting day of dolling up for the occasion will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed as you participate in one of the prettiest atmospheres Kyoto has to offer. After group photos, you will be then treated to a scrumptious meal. Then, tour the village with a guide who has lived there for over 60 years, and have your photo taken in the stunning surroundings — you will feel like a noble or a film star! Once you have wandered around a little, return to the café to cool off with some Ichigo Kakigori — strawberry shaved ice made with Kochi’s famous strawberries! Wonderful!

  • Meet your host, Rie.

  • Rie will dress you in a "yukata" (summer kimono).

  • Let's stroll around the town!

  • Stop by a Kayabuki style restaurant for lunch.

  • Explore the Kayabuki houses.

  • Now go back to Rie's house and enjoy her homemade strawberry shaved ice!


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    2 〜 5

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

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    Available Rain or Shine

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    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 17:00, 3 days prior to your reserved date.


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