Ninja Experience

What Were Ninjas Really Like?

Ninjas have been defined as “someone who uses ninjutsu”. They are said to have been active from the Muromachi period until the Edo period, with their activities centered around the Kinki area of Japan. The primary duty of ninjas was gathering intelligence, and ninjutsu were the skills necessary for carrying out these intelligence-gathering activities.

The Public Conception of Ninjas

Ninja-themed anime, such as Naruto, have become quite popular throughout the world. As a result, many people are likely under the impression that ninjas were similar to spies, dressed in black clothes, and employing throwing stars known as shuriken. Actual ninjas were slightly different from this image, however.

How Actual Ninjas Differed from Ninjas in Popular Culture

I mentioned above that the image many people have of ninjas includes them using throwing stars. However, the shuriken used by actual ninjas were said to be cylindrical in shape. Even in Japan, many people are unaware of the true form of the shuriken. In addition to the shuriken, there are many other secrets of the ninja that are not widely known in Japan or elsewhere.

If You Want to Know More About Ninjas, This Experience is for You

For those who want to learn more about ninjas, Become a Modern Ninja with the Master in Tokyo is highly recommended. One of only a few genuine ninja experiences offered in Japan, it is taught by a martial arts master with over 20 years of experience. The activities include learning about the history of ninjas, a lecture on the swordsmanship ninjas was said to be masters of, a chance to throw actual shuriken, and much more.

Testimonials From Actual Participants

Some of the comments we have received from guests who have taken part in this experience include:
“I had always admired the ninjas I saw in anime, but I never thought I would get the chance to become one myself”
“It was interesting to learn how actual ninjas differed from what I had imagined they were like”
“I'll never forget the experience of throwing a real shuriken, and how amazing it felt to hit the target”
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