Learn Tea Ceremony — Casual Style

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A fun and harmonious beginner’s introduction to the Art of Tea … with sweets!


  • Summary To many, there is nothing more iconic and attractive — or perhaps intimidating — than the Japanese Tea Ceremony. In this authentic tea ceremony experience, interested beginners can learn the Art of Tea in true Japanese style (In Japanese or simple English).

    In the beautiful surroundings of a traditional tea room, you will discover the deep, tranquil enjoyment of the Japanese tea ceremony, and garner a rich understanding of the Japanese mind and culture that created it. Relaxing and informal, this tea ceremony experience will help you to create truly unique and lasting memories of your time in Japan as you discover the full, rich enjoyment that the Art of Tea can bring.

    You will learn to make and enjoy tea in the traditional way, and there will also be plenty of delicious Japanese sweets to enjoy along with it! Treat yourself to an immersive, fascinating, and fun cultural experience, and invite the warmth and pleasure of the Tea Ceremony into your life.
  • Category Nature
  • Area Tokyo
  • Age range over 6 years old
  • Experience Time 1.5 hours
  • Availability 06/18/2017 - 02/09/2023
  • Maximum number of participants 15
  • Minimum number of participants 5 Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met.
    Accompanied infants participate for free.
  • Weather Restrictions Available on Clear or Lightly Rainy Days
  • Price ¥16,000 (adults)
    Free (children)
    Free (infants)
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My name is Suita Sosui, and I have been teaching the art of tea for 15 years. When I was 10 years old, my friend’s mother taught me the tea ceremony, and I was completely captivated. It is a beautiful way to have fun and to find deep enjoyment in life by deliberately creating a space of tranquility and happiness to which you can always return. I’ve taught many students over the years, running tea classes in Setagaya and Shinjuku, as well as serving as a visiting professor at Waseda University where I provide tea ceremony experiences to students in our “Tea Club”. My tea ceremony classes a much more casual and accessible approach to the traditional Japanese-style tea ceremony, suited to both modern Japanese people and travellers alike. Tea ceremony brings me so much joy. No matter what happens in my life, I can always find tranquility in tea.

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Hsin Chieh Wang

Hsin Chieh Wang

I always want to experience Japanese Tea Ceremony finally get the chance. The experience itself was really good. I like it and learnd a lot. But maybe because we have to change many transportations to the beautiful place, the experience time is very short, there too many people in that room……. I feel so rush, I can’t feel what teacher say to come down and enjoy the tea.

リ インシン

リ インシン

It was a perfect tour! I meet new friends here , and learn new things about found! The teacher of found is very kind and friendly.when we ask some questions,she usually smiled to us and answer the question! In short,it is a good idea for you to join in it!

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