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    I recommend this to anyone who visits Kyoto for a short time, a good plan to do at night.

    I can say I the first time I visit this places because they're not easy to find. Yet, I think it compared to the most common tour experiences, this one stands out. It was very fun to see how the "old Kyoto" looks like, in the traditional Izayaka where we were able to sit in tatami. Also, later on, the bar was very unique as well, and a contrast, because it represented the recent trends in Kyoto, which are small, cozy places but full of personality. The tour guide was amazing, she knew how to keep the conversation alive and also she has very good food recommendations and can translate the only-Japanese menu. I recommend this to anyone who visits Kyoto for a short time, a good plan to do at night.See moreSee less

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    These activities are really helping foreigner, for example, tourists, students who now studying in Japan, or even local people to know well about Japanese culture. And this type of tour is totally different from the typical/traditional Amazing way to experience local Japanese culture and lifestyle. Instead of just visiting famous tourist spots, this tour is focus more on the root of Japanese culture and dig into more aspects deeply. The tour offers very nice experience, and you can also meet new friends from all over the world to explore this country with you.
    travelgroup. It offers a new option for people. So I think it's a positive points.See moreSee less

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    Amazing Experience!

    I did this with my girlfriend and it was the highlight of our trip to Japan!

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect beforehand as neither of us had done anything like this before. Firstly, the venue looks incredible – it’s a small hut by a bamboo forest, just a short walk from the station where we met and felt like something straight out of a samurai film.

    We put on full gear and then started by learning some basic moves with sticks and practice swords. We shot a short film scene which was really good fun and actually managed to make both myself and my girlfriend look pretty cool! My favourite part was when we used real katana to slice through straw bundles. As someone who’s never held a sword before I found this really amazing and it wasn’t too hard to get the hang of!

    The host and instructor were super friendly throughout and made us feel great even though we were both total beginners. Roland the interpreter was brilliant and was really friendly and helpful and took loads of amazing photos and videos of us!See moreSee less