REVIEWS: A Day with a Soba-Making Master in Tokyo



  • Chris Silva

    Sri Lanka


    It was mind opening cultural experience. I enjoyed every step of making Soba and had a great time sharing cultural differences between Japan and Sri Lanka. After all we shared similar practices but Japan does it better. The overall experience I gained is a must to have for any foreigner who are interested in Historical and cultural aspect of Japan. Not forgetting the entertaining Host and the amicable and humorous translator made our experience like no other. I highly recommend Soba making experience for every foreigner and also not forgetting the health benefit of eating Soba. Please Eat Soba and you will be looking younger each day. See moreSee less

  • 余欣諳



    These activities are really helping foreigner, for example, tourists, students who now studying in Japan, or even local people to know well about Japanese culture. And this type of tour is totally different from the typical/traditional Amazing way to experience local Japanese culture and lifestyle. Instead of just visiting famous tourist spots, this tour is focus more on the root of Japanese culture and dig into more aspects deeply. The tour offers very nice experience, and you can also meet new friends from all over the world to explore this country with you. travelgroup. It offers a new option for people. So I think it's a positive points. See moreSee less

  • Nhi



    Fun and enthusiast. It was impeccable

    We love our guide. He's very entertaining and well spoken. We learn so much about the culture with him. The soba workshop was an eye opener for Japanese sophisticated yet delicate cuisine. Ito sensei family were a great host and we felt like family! See moreSee less

  • Sheri Gurock



    We had a lot of fun.

    We enjoyed it very much. David did a nice job of interpreting for us and took pictures for us. The website was a bit confusing to use but the communication was good. Thanks for helping connect us with this special experience. See moreSee less

  • Simon Tin Lap Lee



    A Excellent Soba Experience and A Excellent Professional Soba Master - Ito Sensei!

    What a great day with a open-minded, optimistic and cheerful Professional Soba Master Ito Sensei! Through Wow Japan Experience+ I met with Ito Sensei, through his explanation, the Japanese Soba making became and art rather than food, and it is really amazing! Simple, clear and straight to the point is most important... Wish him all the best and look to seeing him soon in the nearest future and also thanks to Yuto San to be my translator and he really perform great and in a professional way! I really appreciated! See moreSee less

  • Fabienne Fischer



    Learn the Authentic Soba Recipe From a Soba Master in Tokyo

    If you are interested in Japanese food, culture and humor this is a really pleasureful way to learn more about it. I totally enjoyed the atmosphere at Masao Ito and his lovely wife's home! And the Soba noddles were yummy... Our interpreter David did a very nice job keeping up with the pace of Masao's teaching messages and jokes - well done! See moreSee less

  • Lisa Zelkowitz



    Authentic soba making class from a soba Master is an eye-opening experience!

    The skills I learned from Soba Master Masao Ito are invaluable and it’s something that I’ll cherish forever. We learned how soba is made and gained the knowledge to distinguish what great soba should taste like with the golden ratio. Getting to see and experience the process from start to finish is an extremely neat feat. Our interpreter David did such a marvelous job breaking the language barrier for my husband and me. This class is definitely enjoyable even for those who don’t normally cook from scratch and Masao Ito keeps the class light and funny with all his punny jokes. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! See moreSee less

  • Pim Wanichawan


    Fun experience while in Tokyo

    This soba making class is awesome! Thank you to Sensei Ito and his wife and Roland for such a lovely class. I felt welcome for the entire session and learned how soba is more than just noodles but also japanese culture. I got a chance to meet local soba-cooking students, getting some of genuine japanese vibes is beyond my expectation. Roland has been an informative and enthusiastic guide. highly recommended! See moreSee less

  • Jason Ng



    Fantanstic Experience !

    Experience like this will make a long lasting memeory for the wonderful time we've had ! The class is a lot of fun, Ito sensei is a very warm and welcoming teacher that made the experience a lot of fun and easy to learn ! I am already looking for ingredients at home to try to re-create the soba at home. This has been agreat immersion of the local culture as well as the rest of Ito sensei's family have been a welcoming and wonderful host with great hospitality. Of course the key part is our interpreter friend which is very sociable and helpful in looking after us the minute we met up until we say goodbye. He has provided the key connection with our sensei, and giving us a great atmostphere during our class. Me and my wife would do it again and can't wait to try out ohter experiences when we visit Japan again ! See moreSee less



    Soba Making Class

    My daughter & I had a wonderful time learning Soba making from this skilled master who not only taught us hands on but gave a very good detailed explanation of Soba & it’s ingredients. TQ Master Ito!! His kind & effable manners made learning fun, easy & interesting. The Soba we made plus some that he made was cooked & presented beautifully for lunch !! Absolutely satisfied & would recommend this to anyone keen on Soba !! Not forgetting our translator who was most helpful. Tqvm Chiyoko San. See moreSee less

  • Anna Woo


    Amazing time

    Had an amazing time making Soba noodles. Sensei was really good at showing us the steps to make the soba. The soba we had at the end of the lesson was exceptional. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in making Soba or likes to cook. Definitely an eye opening experience. See moreSee less