REVIEWS: Small-Group Bushido Experience in Tokyo



  • リ インシン


    The experience is very nice~!During the experience ,I learn new things about Japan Bushido, and make friends from other coutries ~! See moreSee less

  • MALI


    It's a great tour for you to experience the Japanese Bushido spirit! The local host is very friendly and he fully conveys his passion towards Bushido with participants. You can learn how to hold the sword, and to think and act like a true Samurai! See moreSee less

  • Reana Liu


    I did the Bushido / Samurai experience in this tour and it was amazing for me. We sweared the Hakama (Samurai's cloth) and used the real sword to cut the targets made by Tatami. This tour let me become a Samurai and knew this Japanese history/ culture in real. It's really cool for me. See moreSee less

  • Sylvain GARNAVAULT


    Japan is knowed worldwide for it's martial expert. Bushido is often misunderstood and need to be experience from the roots. Having the great chance to meet and master and benefits from his teaching is very unique. It ever come to be greater when we are granted to experiment a katana slicing into a training mat. A very deep and great experience. See moreSee less

  • Alice Balle



    This tour is the best that I've done!

    This tour is the best that I've done. Big thrills, Japanese tradition, physical activities, the feeling of exclusivity, very good organization and perfect translation. Very nice and smart tomo, making us comfortable, relax, and serious at the same time, giving details and help. Definitly amazing moment, and big memories. Thank you See moreSee less

  • Marcel Jogl



    Visiting real Japanese dojo and practice Iaido on real targets was amazing experience. I'm glad, that I had the opportunity to learn little bit about the way of the Samurai warrior. Master Sakaguchi-san is patient and kind teacher. Also very funny!! Many thanks to our interpreter Rachael. She took nice care of our group and helped us to enjoy the trip without a problem. See moreSee less

  • Petar Hristov


    The tour offered a unique opportunity to know more about and experience Japanese culture and customs. The word "experience" is key here because the trip was interactive, meaning that we, the participants, actually got to DO things instead of just passively aquire information by observing. In this respect I think that the name of the program. "Experience+" is really suitable. The organization was good, I just had to appear at the meeting place and follow the kind guide. See moreSee less

  • Yu ning Chen


    It's very good experience See moreSee less

  • Hsin Chieh Wang


    Very interesting. I want to learn more about it See moreSee less

  • Charles Chen



    Probably the only place in Tokyo to experience Japanese sword cutting using real swords.

    Probably the only place in Tokyo to experience Japanese sword cutting using real swords. The mater is kind, humorous, and for sure a real modern samurai. See moreSee less

  • Charles Simms



  • FanGengRui


    日本の侍精神を勉強なりました、侍にとして体だけ強いのはまだまだ、心の方も強くなければなりません See moreSee less

  • 何品君



    i think the seeing time can be shorter although it's really exciting to see the profession teacher to practice .i would like to join if possible. cause i can experience the real Japanese culture from the tour. it's really good that I can see the really Japan from the tour. Bushido tour is not only about the sword, it's about the spirit, religion and the history of Japan. I am happy I can have a glimpse of this gorgeous culture via this experience. See moreSee less

  • Benoît Guerville-Bal


    This tour "Become a sword master" was really interesting. I regret to haven't more manipulated a sword and in various ways. Factually, we only learned one move in 3h. Thus I cannot conclude that I became a sword master. I also regret a little bit to haven't had the time of asking questions to the Sensei. Nevertheless, it was really interessting to have the opportunity of manipulating a real samurai sword, and this under the supervision of a japanese sword master. I appreciated the spirit of this martial art (concentrated on yourself and your feelings), and I will appreciate practicing again. Roland was a good translator, even with the quickness of the host. He helps us to feel confident during the "class", and that was appreciable. See moreSee less

  • Kaori


    The good points are there were several foreigners who are pupils in the Dojo, and they explained more detailed what about Japanese chivalry spirit to a guest in English. There was also a representative of the Dojo so he showed us his practice after an experience ended. I can't find any bad points in particular. See moreSee less

  • Angie Dela Cruz



    Would love to do the experience a second time around...

    Would love to do the experience a second time around... See moreSee less