Tokyo After passing the Japan knitting examination in 1975, Hideko Oinuma started teaching how to make handicrafts at various places such as magazine companies, culture centers, and classrooms in Tokyo and Koto Ward. Then she became an artist specializing in creative handicrafts and made a wreath out of grass/weeds at the organization under Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism and eco-ikebana and recycle crafts at the National Consumer Affairs Center. Also, she is a representative of Oinuma Knit Room, Nukumori Club (Handicraft Instructor Association), and "Kimono Redesign Research Group" as well as being an instructor for volunteer classes for the elderly, Saturday classes, and Yomiuri Japan TV's Culture Center. Now, she is creating a new world for redesigning kimono while continuing to teach and research how to make recycled crafts and other various enlightening activities.

Experiences of Hideko OINUMA

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