Kazuhiro MURATA

Kyoto Nice to meet you! My name’s Murata Kazuhiro, and I’m a farmer. I was born and raised in Kyoto Prefecture, and I love my agricultural life. There’s always something new to learn when it comes to raising crops, so I am still learning, even now. Growing the food, preparing it, cooking, and cooperating with other people to make it all happen, that’s where the dream is for me! I can’t think of anything I love more than farming (except for my wife, who is the best thing about me!). I’m just a pretty normal guy — I like music, tv and baseball, and eating noodles (especially ramen). I probably like to drink a little too much, especially after a long day in the fields. I started offering farming experiences as a way to encourage people to come out and feel what the countryside is like, and to think about the connection between the earth we live on and the food on our plates. Hopefully, they’ll come away with a deeper respect for the things that make my life a happy one, and have a great time with us here in the process. It’s nice to talk and enjoy a barbecue with new friends after all, isn’t it?

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