Tokyo Asakusa is a fascinating “forgotten” district in Tokyo, where history can still be easily seen. My name is Koji Ohana, and more than anything, I’d like to share the happiness in learning about this wonderful, enchanting place. Reflecting on how to do this, I came up with the idea of sweet potatoes, which were a very important part of the life of ordinary people in Asakusa during the Edo period, when sugar was still a luxury that many could not afford. You could say that sweet potatoes and the history of Asakusa are intimately intertwined, so what better way to feel the history directly than to eat salt-roasted sweet potatoes, and to make a sweet box ready to fill with traditional confectioneries? It’s a delightful way to appreciate Asakusa from the inside — and fill your insides at the same time! I’m fairly fluent in English, so I hope that foreign tourists will be able to gain insights into the bygone times of this district, and Japan, during my fun, historically informed, and very tasty experience.

Experiences of Kouji OBANA

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