Kanagawa I guess you could say I love being outdoors and experiencing the natural beauty of the world first hand more than anything. I used to be a dental hygienist, but I gave up my job to chase my dreams. Now I work independently as a Nature Yoga Guide. I see Yoga as the best method of purifying yourself inside and out, unifying the two parts to bring out health and beauty from the core. I am a Japan Mountain Guides Association certified guide, so I travel around a lot and can be found working as a guide in different places depending on the season. In the summer I’m in Shinshu, in winter Yakushima, and in autumn and spring I stay in the Kamakura, Hayama, and Shonan areas. My hobbies include paddle boarding, mountaineering, climbing, Tahitian dance, and traveling.

Experiences of Mito ISHIDA

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