Tokyo Hi there! My name is Minowa Naoko, and I have been involved in all aspects of handmade cloth-weaving and handicrafts — from weaving and crafting to natural plant dyeing — from an early age. I’m the chairman of the Japan Textiles Society, and of the “Studio A Week” hand-weaving and natural dyeing experiences in Gotanda. My mission is to encourage people in an easy-to-grasp and fun way, to discover their creativity and joy in making beautiful handmade textiles and gifts. I had my first encounter with weaving when I was still in junior high. It was part of a theatrical production put on at the local university, and I got my first look at how the shuttle loom really works. The swish-clack, swish-clack left me entranced, just the sound of it, and the fact that such a light and simple act enabled me to make real cloth… well, that was the start of a lifelong passion for me. I feel encouraged by the number of people in their 20’s and 30’s now taking an interest in textile handicrafts. We’re also planning a belt-weaving experience (belts, dog leads), for the near future.

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