Hiroyuki SHIMANO

Saitama My name is Shimano Hiroyuki, and my family has been making traditional bamboo fans by hand for the past 5 generations. I first learned the craft as a small child, and although the modern age has brought with it electric fans and air conditioners, I am delighted to say that I have been able to teach people the art of making traditional uchiwa fans in our workshop for the past 25 years. Using carefully pressed flowers, and a restrained sense of aesthetics (less is often much more when it comes to creating an elegant fan), we are preserving not only our family’s proud heritage, but also a famous Japanese tradition, engaging our visitors with something that transcends time and technology. I run my workshops every day except Mondays, and in my time off, I play in a band — I’ve been an electric bass player for the past 40 years! Electric is definitely good for music, but for fans, I think I will always prefer the uchiwa!

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