Kanagawa My name is Saruwaka Misuzu. I study and perform traditional Japanese dance in the “Creative City” of Yokohama. I also assist in teaching dance at the Women’s College of Art. Aside from dance, I also studied Japanese painting and am a painter in Tokyo. I began studying traditional Japanese dance when I was a child, and I had my first public performance when I was five years old. To me, dance is an expression of pure emotion, a deeply personal transformation of Japanese culture and history, focused through the lens of the mind and projected through movement. The deliberate mindfulness of “beautiful conduct” that is so much a part of the Japanese way of life is also a part of the connection that I feel when I dance. I’d like to augment the “dance and elegance” experience to include another workshop about wearing kimono in the future. I love talking to people, hearing their stories, and sharing my own - it makes the workshops so enjoyable! When I’m not dancing or painting (or teaching), I love spending time with my family, and eating delicious food.

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