Megumi SATO

Tokyo Hello, my name is Megumi Sato. As I grew up eating delicious vegetables made by my father from a young age, I found myself delighted by the taste of the delicious ingredients. My lifelong love and study of cooking (and eating) started with this joy. I studied as a dietician at Hattori Nutrition College, and I’ve worked in the confectionery field and as an assistant at a vocational culinary school for many years. For the past 30 years, I’ve also helped the Tokyo YWCA by cooking fresh, traditional meals in the kitchen of the log cabin during their camping trips. It’s very enjoyable to go out to the local farms, talk with the farmers and gather fresh ingredients for meals. In my classes, we never use chemicals or pre-made, store-bought ingredients — everything is prepared from scratch. I want people to come away with a connection to their food, and the deeply joyful realization that, “Surprise! Cooking is easy and fun!”

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