Chiba My name is Masao Shingyoji. I was raised in a farming family, and when I retired from working life, I decided to return to agriculture. I chose to grow blueberries because they’re excellent for health (both mine and everybody’s). I like feeling connected to the land and harnessing my 40+ years of agricultural heritage, and I take the stewardship of the land very seriously. Using organic composting methods and local waste products (peanut husks), I cultivate my blueberries without chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides or insecticide sprays. This ensures true health for the land and the blueberries themselves, not to mention the people who eat them. I manage all the fields myself — the largest plantation has 30 varieties, and about 1,500 plants. I’ve opened my blueberry experience up from June to August, during the harvesting season, because it’s a lot for one person to do, and I like to help interested, enthusiastic people gather insights into the life of farmers as well as the benefits of blueberries.

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