Kanagawa I consider myself incredibly blessed to be born and raised in Kamakura. It's a quaint city that boasts picturesque, natural scenery and an amazing variety of brightly colored flowers. The area out here is such a feast for the eyes, which in fact is what sparked my love of nature and flowers at a young age. I chose to become a nature guide because I wanted to give back to the beautiful hometown that’s always given me so much joy. I want more people to see Kamakura the way I do, as a beautiful paradise and charming city by the coast. Thanks to my keen interest in flowers, discovering the beauty of nature has become my speciality. Not only have I led a lecture series, entitled "Visit Kamakura's Flowers" for ten years, but I also wrote a book and appeared on TV to share my knowledge on this subject. With me, Erika Murata, I know you’ll have the best chance to experience the magnificence of Kamakura's nature. I hope you’ll sign up!

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