Kyoto Hi! My name is Rie Morioka, and I want to share my love of yukata, one of Japan’s traditional national dresses, with you! I think touring my beautiful village while wearing an (equally) beautiful yukata has to be one of the nicest, most fun ways to experience a place. Many people never get the chance to experience the pleasure of wearing a yukata, so I developed an experience to promote what I call the “fun of wearing kimono”. I also have a passion for delicious, healthy food, and I run a café in my grandmother’s private house, so naturally, I also want our guests to eat well. I enjoy preparing tasty meals that are also good for your body that sustain my guests on their tour. Many tourists visit Japan’s historical villages, and see them from the outside, but my aim is to help my guests get closer to the real feeling that we have living in such a beautiful, historically important place. I hope that they can feel that they are taking part in the living heritage that informs our lives here. By making my tours fun, authentic, and memorable, I hope my guests will come away with a deeper understanding of Japan and Japanese traditions, and of course have very fond, precious memories to look back on, too!

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