Kyoto Hi, everyone! I’m Tatsuo Yoshida; people know me as the enthusiastic coffee roaster. Nothing excites me more than blending and grinding my own home-grown roasted beans to yield great coffee that will deliver an oomph to the depths of your very soul. Coffee has always been an indispensable part of my life - I once managed 7 coffee shops and restaurants. I am also fiercely proud of my hometown, Hiyoshi Town, in Nandan City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is a charming little town that boasts picturesque natural scenery, juicy local produce and warm-hearted locals. In fact, the multi-faceted appeal of my hometown was what prompted me to sign on with Tabica. I want more people to fall in love with Hiyoshi Town - and am confident that they will do so, once they savor my coffee and admire the scenery with awe.

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