Kanagawa Hello, my name is Yukio Muramatsu. From the time I was about 13, I loved to hike. My enthusiasm for the sport has not diminished, and on the weekends I enjoy hiking up a mountain to see the stars. When visitors to Japan can only think of Mt. Fuji so far as Japanese mountains go, well I find that to be a bit of a shame; there are so many beautiful mountains in this country. To be honest, I think there is a lack of information about mountains. Mt. Fuji is not the only mountain in Japan! Japan has many spectacular mountains to climb, and I would like to introduce these mountains to you and guide you through them. I have had the opportunity to travel abroad extensively for 17 years, so if you are looking for an English guide, I will be more than happy to recommend some good mountains and accompany you on a day hike to one of the mountains in Japan.

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