Kayoko NOSEI

Kanagawa Hi, my name is Kayoko Nose, and I am an active 70-years-young trooper and jack of all trades. Although I have retired from the advertising and publishing industries where I spent my working years, I have not slowed down my relentless pace of living as I feel that there is so much one can explore about life. For instance, I moved to Kamakura and learned diligently about its mouth-watering gourmet culture. Enthusiastic about contributing to society, I volunteered for five years and held seminars that empowered people to adopt a healthy diet. I notice that the art of cooking has recently been lost among young people. I wish to do what I can to reverse this trend and teach youth how to cook simple, yet nutritious dishes. That's why I hold cooking classes at my own home. On a related note, leveraging my experience, I also counsel couples who face marital problems. You can say that I support young people's holistic growth, be it through their palates or through their hearts.

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