Kotaro Okumura

Iwate I became interested in sake brewing when I was an undergraduate. My name is Kotaro Okumura, and even though I’m still young, I’m a sake brewer for Hamachidori in Kamaishi. We brew sake over the course of one year, so in the winter I am busy brewing, but at other times of the year, I enjoy doing other things — that’s something nice about being a brewer, it’s quite conducive to having hobbies, unlike many other lines of work. I’ve done rowing since university, and in the summers, my wife and I go to a little farm and grow food, like potatoes and eggplants. It’s not a bad life at all! I love sake, too, which helps. Given that I’m a local sake brewer, I hope that people both within and outside the prefecture will drink and enjoy Hamachidori sake, and I hope people who come here to support the reconstruction will also try our sake when they get here.

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