Iwate Hello, my name is Yutaka Enigihara. I love nature and horses. Horses are wonderful creatures that can provide spiritual healing. They also teach us communication, leadership skills and bring us many other benefits, I would like you to experience the benefits that horses can provide. While working in Kamaishi, I felt that there was a need to revive some of its culture. At that time I restored a 90 year old house called a 'Magariya'. A Magariya is a style of house that provided living space for both its inhabitants and horses. Many Magariya's still do exist in Kamaishi, but the culture of living with horses has almost disappeared. Using this Magariya, I started a new eco-tourism program using horse therapy to help children who had to live through the Tohoku earthquake disaster. I would also like to invite you to come and visit my Magariya to see the horses, spend some time with and experience a peaceful, refreshment time with them.

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