Satoshi ITO

Iwate Hello, my name is Satoshi Ito. I was born and raised in Kamaishi City. When the Great Tohoku Earthquake hit our area, I had to run up the mountain to escape from the oncoming Tsunami and I barely escaped with my life intact. After the great earthquake, we have been working hard to restore our area and our Ryokan. Throughout the experience of rebuilding, I have been able to meet different people from within our community, I have also been able to meet volunteers from all over Japan and make new friends. We would like to invite you to come and see our area that we are rebuilding. Through the experience you will meet and work with people from our community, you will also meet various people from different areas, and you will surely meet many interesting people and be able to build new friendships. You will also be able to see some attractive features of our area. Please come and see our town in Kamaishi area and help to make it a great one!

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