Iwate Hello, my name is Masayuki Kusayama. I own a Sea Kayak Shop in the coastal area of the Tohoku region. I invite you to come and visit Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture. Although this area was hit by a devastating earthquake and Tsunami that changed the scenery, the beauty here still remains the same. The nature allure of this coastal region is truly magnificent! Come and row out into the sea with me. The experience of feeling yourself gliding through the ocean will relax you, and no doubt your heart will be stirred by the beautiful world that will appear right before your eyes. Truly I believe it is a one of a kind sight to behold. The name of my shop is MESA, this name reflects my hope, in Tohoku dialect, we say 'Mae Mesa Susumube', which means to 'Look Ahead and Proceed'.

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