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Fresh Tofu Making Workshop and Organic Food Lesson in Kyoto




A Private Lesson and Secret Recipe of How to Make Tofu From Scratch

  • Learn how to make fresh tofu from soybeans via private lesson in an authentic tofu store.
  • Use your hands and get a feel for how to make tofu in the traditional, organic way.
  • Taste the fresh tofu and soy-milk that you made, and enjoy a lunch made by your host with extra tofu dishes.
  • 2 hour total

  • English, Japansese

  • Any Age

  • 1 〜 4



Hi, I am Kamezo from a family owned Tofu shop. Tofu is a major part of Japanese food culture, so this is a unique opportunity to see how tofu is made in a traditional and organic way. Everything here is made from scratch. You will get the chance to see and experience how tofu is made from soybean to final product. We will also show our latest tofu recipes such as black tofu made from black beans, soy milk pudding, thick fried tofu, and vegetarian stuffed fried tofu cake. The homemade tofu that you make on your own is the best Tofu that you will ever taste in your life!

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This unique tour will take you off the beaten path and away from the crowds to “Nishijin”, the northern area of Kyoto known for being one of the most traditional areas in Japan. Here you will visit a family-owned small business that specializes in making fresh, organic tofu. Everything is made from scratch, so in this special lesson you will learn the family secret recipes in how to make tofu from a soybean to finished product. Tofu is a healthy, essential building block in Japanese food culture. In this one-of-a-kind workshop you will learn the traditional, organic way to make delicious tofu and taste the difference of authentically made Japanese food. Home-made tofu is the best tofu you will ever try in Japan, a taste that will give your travels a memory of truly authentic, Japanese food. You host Kame-san is a tofu pro, and comes highly reviewed for his friendly, easy-to-follow workshops that make even the most novice cooks feel at home. You’ll learn time-tested, organic recipes direct from the best, and after your cooking class, enjoy a lunch made by Kame-san’s wife. As a special treat, your lunch will feature an area of fresh, creative dishes using tofu that will give you a glimpse into traditional dishes and recharge you for your travels. Learn to cook, eat and enjoy tofu like Japanese people do, from the comforts of a traditional Kyoto Machiya house and storefront. This foray into the world of tofu is an exclusive class experience you won’t want to miss!



  • Duration


    (09:00 〜 11:00)

    * Time may vary, not including transportation time

  • Access

    Take the bus #9 to Shimotoridacho Bus Stop (approx. 40 min from Kyoto station)

  • Participants Guests

    1 〜 4

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

  • 年齢


  • Conditions

    Available on Clear or Lightly Rainy Days

  • キャンセルポリシー

    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 17:00, 3 days prior to your reserved date.


  • 大人(12+)


  • 子供(4~11)


  • 幼児(~3)



Experience, Lunch, Interpreter, Insurance


  • Things to bring

    Just bring yourself

  • Meeting Point

    In front of the store

  • Additional Info

    Please note that your reservation with us may be canceled due to inclement weather conditions or heavy rain. If so, we will contact you at least one hour prior to your reservation via your original booking site.





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    Timothée Lohay



    tl;dr? Just register already!

    I had been in Japan for 10 days : big cities, monkey mountains, bamboo forests, temples, museums and other landmarks, but this has been my best cultural experience so far in Japan. You could not guess how much work and experience goes into that single bite of tofu that ends up in your mouth, especially coming from these small, very hands-on businesses and this workshop is enlightening in this regard.

    The tofu artisan, Kame-san, has a very kind-hearted and cheerful temperament and so has his wife with whom we could have more than superficial conversations, thanks to the near-perfect english level of the interpreter. And all that around more than a few plates of one of the tastiest tofu I have eaten so far !

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    Genevieve Tan



    Wonderful treat for tofu lovers

    We like going back to Japan and each time we go back we try to make it a point to have a cultural experience. This tofu making experience was a wonderful one. Kame-san our host was very welcoming, jolly and energetic. He makes tofu with so much love and care. Although we weren’t able to see how their special recipes of tofu like the black tofu was made, I was happy just to see the basics of tofu making. The tofu he makes is exceptional and tasty on it’s own. Kame-san’s wife made up a simple but very good tofu lunch. Oishi! They were such a lovely couple and we were fortunate to have been welcomed in their home. See moreSee less

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    Chetana Acharya




    We loved this experience. Thanks so much to both the Tofu maker, Turtle-san, as well as our Wow Japan host/interpreter. She was so wonderful. Thanks again!!See moreSee less

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