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Become a Modern Ninja with the Master in Tokyo




Learn All about True Ninja Techniques

  • Learn the real ninja techniques through the experience.
  • Train under a master who's martial arts experience spans over 20 years.
  • Only 5 minutes aways from Shinjuku by train.
  • All Year

  • 1.5 hour total

  • English, Japanese

  • Age 6+

  • 1 〜 6



From a young age I have studied all that has to do with martial arts, and 18 years ago I founded the The Self defense school of Karate, Kimurajuku. Night and day, I spent my time on training and studying while exchanging with many other martial artists. In addition, I established the Seimyouryuheihounokai group, and even without any students yet, opened a place for the intense study of marital arts. Recently, in order to give back to the world of martial arts and to increase its value, I began going seminars all over Japan and other places around the world, teaching everyday people self defense and martial arts, in additional to Zen martial arts CBM (connect mind to body) training.

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In this real Ninja experience train under a Ninja master with over 20 years of experience in martial arts and learn ninja techniques passed down through history. To begin, you will learn about the history of the “shuriken”, throwing star, an iconic ninja weapon. After a lecture about how to throw shuriken, you will actually get the chance to practice throwing these deadly weapons. Your host for this ninja experience is the representative for the Seimyouryuheihounokai group and Modern Shiriken association. His masterful expertise will guide you through this hands-on ninjutsu workshop and leave with an in-depth knowledge of ninjas. This rare experience is not to be missed by anyone interested in martial arts or the history and culture related to ninjas.


  • Duration


    (09:45 〜 11:30)

    * Time may vary, not including transportation time

  • Access

    Take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Shin-Nakano St (approx. 5min from Shinjuku St)
    Take the Marunouchi Line to Shin Nakano st. (approx. 30 min from Tokyo st)

  • Participants Guests

    1 〜 6

    Trip will be cancelled if the required minimum number of participants is not met. Accompanied infants participate for free.

  • 年齢


  • Conditions

    Available Rain or Shine

  • キャンセルポリシー

    We are unable to refund cancellations made after 17:00, 3 days prior to your reserved date.


  • 大人(12+)


  • 子供(4~11)


  • 幼児(~3)



Experience, Insurance


  • Things to bring

    Please wear active attire that is easy to move in.
    Bring water and towel.

  • Meeting Point

    Palles Nakamura Building, 1-55-2, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo Palles

  • Additional Info

    Please note that your reservation with us may be canceled due to inclement weather conditions or heavy rain. If so, we will contact you at least one hour prior to your reservation via your original booking site.





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    Natalia Salina



    It was an incredible experience! Gave me a chance to become a modern ninja!

    Ninja- even the word itself is surrounded by mystery. The image of the ninja became popular in the Edo period. You can see ninja characters in Japanese and Western media: books, TV, movies, video games, anime, manga. Ninja was associated with superhuman powers. Did they really have superpowers? What was in reality? I love mystery and movies about spies so I wanted to learn a bit more about the lifestyle and the art of ninja (ninjitsu).
    They say if you want something the Universe will give you a chance.
    We visited Kimura sensei's house. He showed us how to use katana (some simple movement). Of course, those katana were made from wood and we could not hurt ourselves. It was an incredible experience! The art of ninja required a lot of training of both body and character.
    Also, we could practice with real Shuriken (Throwing stars). We tried different types of shuriken: needle-shaped, spear-shaped, cross-shaped throwing stars. I can say that it's not so easy like you may think, but it is definitely worth to try and believe me, you will never forget that experience! I could hit all balloons! I was so happy!I have never expected that I would be able to do it. In the end, Kimura-sensei answered our questions and we had a lot of them! So if you want to know how to understand what time is it if you have no watch but have a cat ask him.
    And I want to say thank you to Experience+ who gave me a chance to become a modern ninja!See moreSee less

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    Leah Chiong Estepa



    The greatest Ninja experience!

    The ninja class was very interesting. We started with some rather unordinary stretching, then Kimura-sensei made us try a few movements done by ninjas. We proceeded with exercises on wielding the katana; it was more difficult than it looks like in the movies! After which we were taught how to use the shuriken. We spent a good amount of time trying to throw it correctly and trying to hit the target. Seeing an actual shuriken was amazing. There are so many different kinds, and at some point I realized how scary it is to be hit by one. We also had time for question-and-answer. All in all, the time I spent in the ninja class was well worth it. It's not everyday you get to do something like this. I learned so much, had fun, and experienced something unique that belongs to a time long gone it was just great to even be able to relive a fraction of it. Thumbs up!See moreSee less

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